A First from the Rum Runner Free Plans Series...


A Micro-sized Sport Hydro Racing Boat

Designed by Doug Forrester, Forresterace Designs





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The overall plans are 22” X 35”. The tic marks around the outside of all four sides are spaced at ½” intervals. This will help you in recognizing distortion in having the plans output.



For modelers who would prefer a rolled paper one-piece plan of the Hydromite, they are available from FORRESTERACE DESIGNS for $15.00 U.S. + $5.00 postage/tube.

Please Email me for further information.  PAYPAL accepted. forresterace@yahoo.ca



The cowl on the prototype (in the photos) Hydromite was carved from blue foam and then hollowed out. It was then covered with strips of newsprint and white glue. Glass cloth and epoxy could also be used. The finished cowl was then mounted using a dowel pin at the front and a nylon bolt at the rear (see photos). The cowl is strictly cosmetic as there is a separate 1/32” plywood tape-down hatch cover to keep the water out. This hatch cover will require a clearance blister to allow room for the sp 480 motor. (see plan side view). Simply find a piece of plastic blister packaging and glue (Ca) over a hole in the 1/32” ply.



These are available also from FORRESTERACE DESIGNS for $5.00 U.S. including postage/shipping. For ordering information, see plans offer.




It is strongly recommended that you construct a jig to ensure the straight and aligned assembly of the hull framework. This is crucial to the proper running of any high-performance boat hull. A simple jig can be constructed using a base of MDF particle board (Home Depot). Two parallel rails (pine ½” – ¾” board) are epoxied at 90 degrees to the base to hold the sponson formers vertical and parallel against their inside faces. Two smaller blocks are glued at right angles to these rails to hold F4 vertically & 90 degrees to the sponson sides. Additional small blocks can be used forward to hold the front ends of the sponson formers aligned at F2 & F3 (See photo of jig)

This jig is used to assemble the two sponson inside formers, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 (motor bulkhead), F6 & F7 (transom). Also the two 1/32”ply sponson sheers should be glued to the F formers before the hull framework removal from the jig.




(Plans are in .tif format.  Zip file Size = 610Kb)



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