The 1st Annual US Enduro Championships and

Florida Hydro Shootout 2003

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Could 8 minutes of racing run time be possible in a 6 Cell Electric Boat in high-speed competition? How about 6 minutes on 12 or 18 cells? Accomplished they were and with much celebration.


 Racers traveled from as far away as California, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico to compete for top honors at the very first US Enduro Championship. New equipment, interesting cells and lots of wonder opened the first day of the competition with a windy weather front. The new club race site, located at a Mall in the town of Sanford was an idea location for an event. The race site drew a lot of attention from visitors, the local newspaper and city officials who enjoyed the racing action.


6-Cell - N2 Enduro was first to race. With windy choppy waters, the event quickly became a serious challenge for even the most seasoned driver. The contest was quickly sorted out as the European style Eco hulls shot into the lead and handled the water and challenge of 8 minutes run time with ease. The Eco’s are hulls specially designed to self- right in the event they flip over. This became very important as flipping over on the choppy race course became the norm for this event. Brian Vega drove into the lead on the very first lap and never looked back. Brian raced his brand new Ozone Eco designed by Miha Holc and imported to the US by Brian became the very first driver in the US to win an 8-minute Enduro heat in a sanctioned event. Chris Harris and Donnie Wollard followed Brian feat closely with almost identical boats. Lehner Basic 3100 motors; Lehner/BK controllers and 3300GP cells powered all 3 boats (also from Brian was the overall winner with a total of 36 Laps and 16 minutes of run time.


Next came 12 cell - P Enduro and bigger boats. The Choppy, windy water still took a huge toll with the biggest boats easing into the lead and finishing the 6 minutes with ease. The very first driver to win this 6 minutes competition was Gilberto Perez with a total of 31 laps.  Expert driving and a well-prepared boat was the key. His boat was powered by a Hacker 8XL Motor, the Hull was a 32” Warehouse Hobbies Offshore Mono ( I do believe this boat could run 7 minutes or more.  Following closely behind were Randy Naylor with 25 laps and Brian Vega with a 20 lap total.


18 cell - Q Enduro brought out some really big boats. Dennis Whitt, Donnie Wollard and several local favorites jump in for some hot elbow-to-elbow action.  These boats were big, fast, and a absolute blast to watch!  In the first heat Dennis Whitt took off and left the pack, with Chris Harris being his nearest competitor yet still 5 laps behind him.  In the 2nd and final heat Donnie Wollard took the lead and lead the pack by nearly 4 laps, with Dennis rite behind.  The Dennis took the overall win with 25 total laps, Donnie in 2nd with 20, and Chris Harris close behind with 16 laps!   I do have to say, 6 minutes with these big boats was a real Hoot!!!


The Florida FE Club is long known for some interesting hydro action. Each season seems to bring out new and creative monsters who rip up the course with amazing speed. Outrigger style hydroplanes are long the local favorite. These are unusual looking boats which sport pontoons (called sponsons) in the front and a long slender center body which house all the gear. Chris Harris long know for his creative innovations always debus his latest ideas at the Shoot-Out. This season Chris featured an innovative adjustable sponson design that proved very useful.


From 6 cells through 24 cells, riggers are always fast in Florida. Randy Naylor ( ) also introduced an innovative rigger development joined the party with several new BBY riggers with ABS plastic sponsons. Another very creative innovation for the new season. Randy boats proved stable and did well in the choppy Florida water.


Scale Hydro’s are always fun to race and watch. Most racers entered at least one Scale class, which made for many heats of action packed racing. With choppy waters, the best game plan was to finish. O Sport hydro featured several extremely fast competitors. Dennis Whitt’s ride was ballistic fast but flipped. Tony Graffia's new boat had an incredible custom paint job. Tony raced the same boat in all 3 scale classes, O Sport, P Sport and Limited Sport. This seems to be a popular trend with many racers and a very affordable way to approach the hobby.


Brian Vega debuted the new Slo Mo Shun IV in P Sport. In its very first racing heat, this home build wood prototype (soon to be offered in kit form from ( ) captured a new national class speed record of 54.59 seconds. This was just over 5 seconds faster than the previous record (60.03s) which was also held by Mr. Vega. The overall class winner was Tony Graffia who did a great job driving his viper, with Dennis Whitt and Brian Foster rite behind!


Limited Sport Hydro, the third and perhaps most popular scale hydro class.  Even with a sealed "stock" style motor, these boats are extremely impressive!  Randy Naylor and Steve Vopel seemed to really be keeping everyone on their toes in this class.  In the end Randy only edged Steve out of first place by 25 points and Nathan coming in closely behind in third.


Mono action was is always fun in Florida. Wood boats from Rum Runner Hobbies, ABS boats from BBY and Fine Design competed against Glass boats form all over the world. In small cell classes, the wood and ABS boats certainly showed an edge. However with the choppy waters, the big Glass mono’s ruled he big boat action.



Big and Special thanks to Peg and Hap Mulvaney who managed the actual race and CD chores. This pair has been model boat racing for over 50 years and is best known for their years of contribution to the Florida Gas Burners Club.


The City of Sanford and the Towne Center Mall. Chris discovered a wonderful, well located spot for FE racing. Right in the middle of a major Mall which actually adjoins the designated race hotel. With Brian Vega's help these two guys literally pull the rabbit out of a hat when they were able to secure all of the proper permits in record time. No matter what, the club always Chris and Brian when things are difficult. We all appreciate you, Gents!


This years raffle went to the benefit of Make-A-Wish foundation. This is an outstanding organization that supports terminally ill children and their families. This raffle raised over $800.00 because of the generosity of many individuals and FE hobby firms such as BBY, RumRunnerHobbies, Lehner Motors & BK Electronics, Radio Control Boat Modeler Magazine, Brian Vega, Scott Harris, and several others that donated parts from their personal stash!  Congrats and a big thanks to all who participated. We appreciate you!


And a special thanks to RCBM and Rick Eyrich for selecting The Florida Hydro Shoot-out and US Enduro Championships for magazine coverage. It’s a very special honor for any FE event to be featured for worldwide reporting. Thanks Rick!


Please support the people and business that make FE racing possible. Without them, there would not be events like this. A big thanks to who footed the bill for the entire race and the trophies. Rum Runner Hobbies is the US Importer of Lehner Motors and BK Electronics, The Ozone eco race boat, a leader in custom wood boat kits, glass mono’s, and custom racing propellers and running hardware. If you want to go fast, be sure to visit Rum Runner Hobbies whose products have more world records than any other brand.


Plan your racing action next year to include the US Enduro Championships.



Listings below show top 5 places… only top 3 were awarded trophies.

Friday’s Results - Please note: All of Fridays totals are only 2 rounds. The final round was canceled because of pending lightning storm!
N2 Enduro
Brian Vega – 38 Laps
Donnie Wollard – 33 Laps
Dennis Whitt - 33 Laps
Gilberto Perez – 29 laps
Chris Harris – 17 laps

P Enduro
Gilberto Perez – 31 laps
Randy Naylor - 25 laps
Brian Vega - 20 laps
Chris Harris – 19 laps
Dennis Whitt & Scott Harris – 12 laps

Q Enduro
Dennis Whitt - 25 laps
Donnie Wollard - 20 laps
Chris Harris - 16 laps
Scott Harris – 7 laps
Brian Vega – 4 laps

N-2 Mono
Brian Vega - 800
Scott Harris - 625
Doug Twaits - 425
Donnie Wollard – 325
The other 5 competitors tied with 50 points. Too windy I guess… haha

N-2 Hydro
Doug Twaits - 800
Brian Vega - 700
Tony Graffia – 527
Donnie Wollard – 300
Randy Nayloer – 250

Saturday’s Results - Saturday rounds are back to the 3 round totals.
Doug Twaits – 1200
Brian Vega - 1000
Tony Graffia - 694
Donnie Wollard – 550
Jamie - 50

N-2 Offshore
Brian Vega - 29 ¾ laps
Dennis Whitt – 29 laps
Doug Twaits – 25 laps
Scott Harris – 24 ¾ laps
Eric Johnson – 24 ¼ laps

O Sport Hydro
Bryan Foster - 1200
Gilberto Perez - 300
Dan Chase – 50
Reed Eagle - 25

Limited Sport Hydro
Randy Naylor - 1025
Steve Vopel - 1000
Nathan West – 700
Brian Vega - 625
Tony Graffia - 550

P Offshore
Randy Naylor - 29 ¼ laps
Scott Harris - 29 ¼ laps
Gilberto Perez - 28 ¾ laps
Eric Johnson - 18 ½ laps
Dennis Whitt – 17 laps

S Hydro
Brian Vega – 825
Chris Harris – 75
Dennis Whitt - 50

P Hydro
Brian Vega – 1200
Randy Naylor – 869
Scott Harris - 750
Eric Johnson - 625
Steve Vopel - 625

Sunday’s Results - Sunday was our nicest day of all… great racing weather!!
Brian Vega – 29 ½ laps
Chris Harris - 17 ¾ laps
Donnie Wollard - 17 ¾ laps
Bruce Whitt - 14 laps
Droug Twaits - 12 ½ laps

N-1 Mono
Doug Twaits – 1100
Scott Harris - 1003
Jamie - 927
Steve Vopel - 850
Gilberto Perez – 769

O Hydro
Brian Vega – 1200
Doug Twaits – 725
Dennis Whitt – 650
Donnie Wollard – 600
Jason - 400

P Mono
Dennis Whitt – 1200
Chris Harris - 1025
Donnie Wollard – 1000
Brian Vega – 675
Randy Naylor - 625

P Sport Hydro
Tony Graffia - 900
Dennis Whitt - 725
Bryan Foster - 650
Steve Vopel - 525
Randy and Dan tied for – 450

Q Hydro
Randy Naylor – 1200
Brian Vega – 325
Doug Twaits - 75
Chris Harris – 75
Dennis Whitt - 25

Q Offshore
Donnie Wollard – 32 ½ laps
Mike Pleszewski – 27 ¾ laps
Eric Johnson - 20 ¾ laps
Dennis Whitt – 18 ½ laps
Chris Harris – 2 ½ laps

TOP GUN AWARD  -  High Points
Brian Vega

Overall Enduro Champion - Most total laps from all 3 classes
Dennis Whitt




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